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Video Conferencing
PeopleLink is a decade old company that pioneers in modern video conferencing solutions to unleash the power of virtual collaboration through its innovative technology. PeopleLink has pioneered some of the most innovative Video Enables Business Process software products such as Video Commerce, Video Governance, Telemedicine and Virtual LMS. Its range of offerings includes next generation video technology software as well as Audio Video peripherals focused on various industry verticals.
Software Development
Compro Computer is dedicated in making customer's businesses more dynamic and smoothly by providing required software solution. We provide pre-packaged Vendor.....
Hardware Support
We provide Hardware support such as fixing and repairing problem with personal computers, hard disk, printers, scanner, motherboard, various software installations etc.
  • PeopleLink DVC Series
  • PeopleLink FX Series
  • PeopleLink Impact Pro
  • PeopleLink Conference Bundle
  • PeopleCare - PeopleLink HealthCare Portal
  • Enjay ThinClient
  • Video Enabled Learning Management Solutions (LMS)
  • Unified Telepresence Plus (UTP+)
  • PeopleLink UVC15B
  • Instant Video Conferencing (InstaVC)
Progressive Business Thinking

Compro Computer is one of the leading IT Company of Nepal. It constitutes a team of highly skilled  technical and experienced management personnel dedicated towards unparallel service commitments to its customers. Equipped with highly qualified manpower, we have been providing computing solutions to various governent agencies and a wide spectrum of banks, financial institutions, travel agencies, business houses and non governmental organizations. Compro Computer has a highly professional setup to address all the facets of computing in hardware and software solutions.

We are the sole distributor for Enjay IT solutions products for Nepal , including ThinClient - an amazingly efficient, reliable and cost-effective networking solution for running old computers at the speed of P4 or i3.

We are a exclusive dealer of HPE Servers  and have our own state-of-the-art showroom for HP products

We are now introducing PeopleLink HD Video Conferencing and Solution. Top video conferencing company among top 100 most admired brands in India providing HD Video Conferencing Software & Solutions on Low Bandwidth (CIO Review) Company of the Year 2015: PeopleLink; is the leading Unified Communications & Video Collaboration player in India.


Experience unmatched Low Bandwidth Flexibility in Boardroom Collaboration with PeopleLink
Run Your P1 Computers at the Speed of Core i7 Desktop
Enjay ThinClient V 2.0
The ThinClient card is a preconfigured 100 Mbps LAN card with BootROM, which can be installed on the Win2K/Win2K3 server. The
XVD Technology
XVD is the latest video encoding format beyond the performance level of. any conventional MPEG formats available...
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