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Web Designing

Web Designing
An organization's website can be more than just another communication vehicle - it is a window to the world that lets you interact, transact and share vital information. Today website is the most powerful, dynamic and the cheapest means advertising your products. Thus, the website should be designed in such a fashion that users could get easily attracted. So, designing is the most crucial part in your website. We have experienced professional designers, who will make your site extremely attractive.

Different phases of Web Designing

Business analysis:
This is the first phase prior to designing where we analyze your business. Here we may require related pictures of your products and others that would depict your company. With a clear understanding of your business and gathering related necessities, we shall move onto the designing phase.

Designing phase:
This is the actual phase where the designers of Compro will design your website. The designer would involve deeply in developing your site with the full dedication and skill.

Demonstration and feedback:
After the designing phase, the Compro Computer would request you to view the demo version of the website. Here, you are required to give any suggestion that is needed for the modification of the site. The designer would modify your site as according to your suggestion.

Finalizing and uploading site:
This is the phase where the development of the website is assumed to be over. We shall upload your website in the internet and it gets instantly viewable for the entire people around the world.

Network Solution
Compro Computers have experienced and qualified networking staff that will help you in setting up networking environment for your offices. We also provide all the essential
Video Conferencing
People Link Unified Communications & Telepresence. Peoplelink is a certified Video Conferencing Software, Solutions and Service Provider. Offering high definition HD Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions, TelePresence. PeopleLink is a pioneer in high definition multi-party video conferencing using a personal computer, with HD quality over converged IP networks. It has inbuilt Video Recording, Inbuilt Video Mixing where upto 6 cameras can connect at each endpoint.
Hardware Support
We provide Hardware support such as fixing and repairing problem with personal computers, hard disk, printers, scanner, motherboard, various software installations etc.
Software Development
Compro Computer is dedicated in making customer\'s businesses more dynamic and smoothly by providing required software solution. We provide pre-packaged Vendor.....
Intranet Solution
Today many organizations are using internet technology to create internal nets or "Intranet". An Intranet is simply an in-house version of the World Wide Web.
Web Development
Website development in the context of the web world have a vast difference in its meaning. Website designing would only make your site and its products viewable for the users
Internet solution
Internet solution
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