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Video Enabled Learning Management Solutions (LMS)

Video Enabled Learning Management Solutions (LMS)


Most of the technology holds the grip on E-Learning community, People are more likely moving towards the systems which provide easy ways for acquisition of knowledge.
Learning Management System is a virtual learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners to create customized learning environments through Video Conferencing.
Main objective of LMS is to enhance the concept of virtual classroom by providing easily accessible Video conferencing interface at low bandwidth to experience the highest quality of audio, video and data collaboration. It serves several functions including course documentation, administration and evaluation that allows both teachers and Learners to maximize the use of LMS. It allows multiple users to access the learning tools at any given time providing a centralized tool for information and education by eliminating geographical barriers.
LMS customizes the learning process and procedure to make it more flexible to clients by advanced data collaboration to make virtual training more interactive and realistic. It helps in increasing the performance through tracking the sessions. Users can register for more than one course. It has got advanced authentication and firewalls to ensure the data security. It is a SCORM compliant which enables the interoperability between e- learning software content management.

PeopleLink LMS 2.0 Education Brochure

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