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Unified Telepresence Plus (UTP+)



Unified Telepresence plus (UTP+)


PeopleLink UTP plus provides seamless Video Collaboration for everyone with its 4K ready capabilities to
conduct next generation collaboration. It gives you the freedom to connect anyone, anywhere over any
network. Join the conference right from your laptop, Boardroom or even while travelling, using a 3G data card.
It has a Built-In H.323 gateway which connects to any hardware based legacy video conferencing device.
Seamless Multi-platform Interoperability :
Join Video meetings from your High end Boardroom or a mobile device even with basic home based
broadband set up. Connect seamlessly with the existing hardware based legacy video conferencing
equipments (H.323), all of them can come on to a common platform over a highly secure, reliable connection
to achieve high quality video & content (H.239).
Investment Protection:
Now collaborate universally using UTP Plus for all your ad-hoc one to one / one to many, video chats,
comprehensive data collaboration with all the participants (H.239) and connecting your room based hardware
endpoints at the same time to protect your Investments made in the past on various solutions to achieve
basic collaboration. With UTP Plus users can now protect their future Investments on technological


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