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Kyan-6 IN 1 Device

Launched in 2004, the highly acclaimed K-Yan was the world’s first integrated multimedia device for group learning needs. K-Yan, or 'Knowledge Vehicle' is a device that integrates a full-feature multimedia computer with a data projector, TV tuner, audio system, and DVD player in a single, easy-to-use portable product, with an ultra-large display. In 22,000 classrooms across the country, over 3 million students are learning in a more interactive way while more than 100,000 teachers are being empowered with K-Yan.


Innovations and Impact

  1. K-Yan has become a key enabling device towards the concept of digital classrooms. As a stand-alone device or with optional accessories, its modular construction and portability allow it to be customized for many different classroom situations and use contexts.
  2. K-Yan has proved to be one of the most successful solutions for delivering content for various e-learning platforms. K-Yan’s popularity as a group-learning device in the classroom is also due to the ease with which anyone can learn to use it productively with very little training.
  3. With its ultra-bright projection capability and a folding self-standing screen K-Yan can be used in open fields and grounds. The device can be powered using anything from inverters or car batteries to solar power in situations where there is no electricity. By taking the classroom to potential learners, K-Yan opens up the possibility of learning in the evenings or in the night as convenient. It can be installed in buses and vans with both rear and front projection to create classrooms on wheels.
  4. IL&FS Education has also developed a host of multimedia learning materials to be used through K-Yan. These solutions empower the teacher and enable students to learn concepts more effectively through the interactive medium. Schools report higher student attendance since the use of K-Yan in classrooms.
  5. The large hard disk along with inbuilt connectivity for internet and television enable unlimited amount of educational material to be brought to learners anywhere. It can also be used as a server allowing many thin-client terminals/tablets to be supported by it, making it an economic solution for creating computer labs.


JANUARY 2004K-Yan v.1 launched
MAY 2005K-Yan v.2 launched
MARCH 2007K-Yan v.4 launched
MARCH 2011K-Yan UV launched
SEPTEMBER 2012K-Yan Pro launched




IL&FS Education
K-Yan for Education

IL&FS Skills
K-Yan for Skilling

K-Yan & K-Class
K-Class is a technology-led academic support system for K-Yan


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