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Enjay ThinClient V 2.0
The ThinClient card is a preconfigured 100 Mbps LAN card with BootROM, which can be installed on the Win2K/Win2K3 server. The node boots itself in nearly about 20-30 seconds. The ThinClient Card can provide the flexibility to satisfy new requirements and is therefore a safe "future proof" desktop solution.


  • To bring down the total cost of computing
  • To eliminate the necessity to upgrade the system at regular intervals.
  • To minimize the operation & maintenance required


Easy Configuration Application Support
1. The client come with extensive installation / operation manuals and live chat / email support.
2. Just install the Client software on the server, and the node boots up.
3. No need to make any client side configuration, its all plug-n-play, and the client will detect all the hardware and install accordingly.
4. You can have nodes of variety of configuration (different hardware for different nodes)
5. The node configuration parameters are controlled from the server side (like monitor display, mouse type, printer on node, FDD on node, CD-ROM on node).

Application Support
1. All types of Dos & Windows application are supported.
2. All office applications like MS-Office, all types of email clients, internet browsers etc. can work very smoothly.
3. Even client server application is supported (link VB-Oracle, D2K-Oracle, PB-Sybase or any other combinations).
4. All types of ERP System can be supported.
5. It is ideal for use in colleges, schools, computer classes, corporate office & industries, cyber cafes; infact any organization who uses 5 or more computers.

Hardware Requirement
Node Config : Minimum P-1 with 32 MB RAM (no HDD,no FDD, no CD-ROM)
Server : Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, 200 GB Hard Disk (This configuration of server is enough for about 15-20 clients.)

Network Solution
Compro Computers have experienced and qualified networking staff that will help you in setting up networking environment for your offices. We also provide all the essential
Hardware Support
We provide Hardware support such as fixing and repairing problem with personal computers, hard disk, printers, scanner, motherboard, various software installations etc.
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Compro Computer is dedicated in making customer\'s businesses more dynamic and smoothly by providing required software solution. We provide pre-packaged Vendor.....
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Intranet Solution
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Internet solution
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